Monday, March 15, 2010

Do you know where your mojo is?

Many athletes train for many months and even years for that one "big event" - whether it is a 1/2 marathon, marathon or a iron distance triathlon - the mind set is the same.  We all have this single focused mindset with our goals in mind:  1. Finish  2. Have Fun  3.  Finish Fast.  So we train with our "eye on the prize" and leave everything else to the side.  We must get our training in so our new friends are Mr Pool, Mrs bike, and cannot forget the twins - Left Running Shoe and Right Running Shoe.  Our training buddies and coaches are on speed dial.. it is all systems go!

So the "big event" comes - you execute your plan, have fun, and maybe even race faster than you thought.  You bask in the glory that night and next few days or maybe weeks with your family,  friends,  training partners, coaches, etc.

So then what?  What is next?  You worked hard,  achieved your goals, and now your "big event" is over.  what do you do?

You do what is natural to you, the same thing you have done for the past months or maybe years - you hop back on bike and you roll towards the next adventure.  The ride is fun, seeing everyong is great but something does not seem the same.  You feel flat or at times not motivated... heck it may even seem more like a chore than the joy and fun it usually is. So you plan on doing another race but the training is off and results not what you wanted... you think to yourself.. this sucks. what is wrong...

Does this sound familiar?  If not you are lucky.  If so I have been there with you..

I have done the large events and raced well.. then hopped back in to the next training cycle... only to find my training being flat and at times going through the motion.. the fun seemed to be not there as much as the past.. so what do you do..

The first time this happened.. I was not prepared.. got through it but was not fun.. the second time though I was already planning my next fun adventure or race during my training.. so I had something to go towards afterwards.. A fun race.. It has helped a ton.. but like anything else goal related this works for some time and then it slowly dwindles..

I think I have finally figured out how to get back to the fun.. that is to go out and ride with friends for the pure joy and fun of riding.. is there a purpose sure.. but the purpose is to look at things in a different light.. turn off the powermeter, the speedometer, the garmin, etc.. and go ride.. enjoy nature.. stop to take pictures with friends, have a fun conversation, meet new people, say hello to the roadie riding by who is too busy to even say hello... basically go and have fun... get back to the reason you do train and race.. friends, good times, and post race fun (mm Margis).. that is what it is about.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to do this and let me tell you.. I have gotten my mojo back and it is stronger than it was before... and I am amazed what I can acheive with the new look on things..

so I want to thank all my family and great friends that helped make this happen.. without you I would still be plugging along but without that fire in the eyes and joy in my spirit..

Lets remember life is not about the desitiny but rather the journey to get there.


  1. You are awesome. So happy you're feeling so good about things.

    Go to it in Utah!